Will the WTWP affect or be used for water projects currently on tap, such as Abilene’s Cedar Ridge Reservoir?

Development and permitting of the Cedar Ridge Reservoir is well underway, and represents an important future supply for Abilene and the surrounding region. It is possible the development of Cedar Ridge could allow the WTWP to share water supplies, both existing and future, and to more efficiently distribute water across the region. Other water supply projects – including the Hickory Aquifer and T-Bar well fields – also represent important water supply projects for the cities of San Angelo and Midland, respectively. In Midland, the T-Bar wellfield came online in June 2012 and can provide up to 10 million gallons per day for the City. The City of San Angelo developed the Hickory Aquifer in a $120 million effort to provide approximately 9 million gallons per day.