Why a partnership?

Lake Nasworthy Dec 2013 Sunset.jpg

This partnership acknowledges that water resource development in the region can best be achieved by working together. A partnership allows each city to:

REDUCING the burden. Leveraging each City's experience, knowledge, and financial capacity.

MINIMIZE potential impacts to the environment.

ELIMINATE the adverse effects of competing for water.

MAXIMIZE existing water resources.

What prompted this partnership?

We, the cities, were motivated to work together by a desire to address a common challenge and to foster economic growth in West Texas. We were already partners in other projects, such as O.H. Ivie Reservoir, along with other regional cities and towns - all of which will stand to benefit from the efforts of this partnership. We have been diligently working to meet the short-term water needs of our communities, but realize the long-term water supply challenges we each face are best addressed through a regional, collaborative and sustainable approach that will allow for cost-sharing, increased water use efficiency and minimization of environmental impacts. By sharing financial costs, resources, experience and knowledge, Abilene, Midland and San Angelo can more effectively develop water resources for the entire region.